Saturday, December 1, 2012

Statistical Analysis in Sport

Statistical analysis can be a useful tool in many professions, but especially in sport where numbers and trends are everything. Looking through the links and articles that my professor posted I was able to learn about the different uses for it. I really felt the article in the New York Times( about how the NFL is using statistics and hiring analyst to compile stats before they draft a potential player. I thought that it was interesting how much the coaches placed not only on the player himself but also on the stats and how a player could effect the entire organization. Teams use statistics to look at all aspects of the game on and off the field. Statistical analysis is the new wave.
Here is a survey about health insurance. I believe it is important for everyone to have health insurance and to be able to go see a doctor when it is necessary and not have to worry about a huge bill afterwards.

Friday, November 30, 2012

LinkedIn Vs. Personal Web Page

Linkedin and a persons Personal Web Page(PWP) both help to show a potential employees qualifications to be employed. However, the two go about this in different ways, each having their pro's and con's to the way they present a persons assets. A person's PWP allows for a more creative approach to presenting one's attributes. It can be personalized, interactive, creative and creates a memorable experience for a potential employer. In this specific page a potential employers is able to have resume, pictures, references, philosophies, and get a general idea of what kind of person they are looking at hiring. However, with this creativity comes the potential for an employer to be turned off by simple aspects of the web page, such as font, color,pictures,how busy the page is or unorganized, etc. A person needs to be careful how they express themselves on their PWP. LinkedIn is a website that is organized for you. Placed in a format that is easy for the employer to look at, however, there is less personalization and creativity in this site. A person needs to make sure that the information they place on this site is clear and concise. Less creativity, means more focus on qualification. Each of these web sites allows for potential employers to find and locate resumes, references, etc when examining a potential employee.

Micro Blogging

Micro-blogging Micro-blogging has become increasingly popular in the last ten years or so. According to Williams & Jacobs, 2004, blogging began to pick up speed in 1992. Since then blogging has become a world-wide phenomenon, there are blogs about sports teams, family functions, education, news, etc. However, there is a major flaw to blogging there is no regulation about what a person can write on his or her blog. Blogs could be merely the author’s opinion and not fact based research. Therefore when Williams & Jacob (2004), stated the information on the blogs is generating ‘knowledge’ from mere ‘information’”, this information could be incorrect, skewed or simply opinion based? This lack of regulation should be in the back of the readers mind when flowing someone’s blog. Williams, J. B., & Jacobs, J. (2004). Exploring the use of blogs as learning spaces in the higher education sector. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 20, 232-247.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Technology and Me

In the class I am taking at Fresno Pacific University titled Technology in Kinesiology, I have learned about several different tools that could be useful in my career.
The most useful for my personal application is a Personal Web Presence page(PWP). This page is dedicated to my accomplishments In my chosen career path. It is a place potential employers may go to in order to look at my résumé, biography, and personal values and goals. This is a way to exploit my strengths.
The Blog site is an aspects I think could be useful for an education tool. Educators can put valuable information on these blogs to help students receive important information about certain topics. Photo's and video's could also be placed in these kinds of sites to help increase the information available.
Technology is important in helping provide information to those who would like to learn. However, it is important to also use hands on experiences, because that is the type of application we as athletic trainers will be doing.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Google Drive

Well, To be honest I downloaded the Google Doc., did everything it asked me too and I have no idea how to download it to my Blogspot.  I found this task to be overly stressful and confusing.  I doubt I will ever use that "cloud again". I even tried getting my brother to help me over the phone in Tx on his birthday.  My students couldn't figure it out.  GRRRRRR is all I had to say about that task.

-Very Frustrated